36mm Poly Alloy Tangential PATR tweeter
    PATR tweeter’s poly alloy diaphragm driven by a magnetic fluid cooled neodymium magnet provides the outstanding heat resistance and poly alloy diaphragm and lightweight kapton voice coil and solid aluminum wave guide mounted to the PATR tweeter creates superior high-frequency response and a magnetic fluid injected neodymium magnet structure also provides improved power-handling capability.

    Midrange: 25mm compression driver

    25mm compression driver adopted pliable aluminum diaphragm which is over coated hi-internal loss damping material.
    Sound is the natural and straight to Omni-direction by wooden Omni-directional horn.

    Woofer: 200mm Traditional Membrane Woofer

    Traditional Membrane Woofer provide exceptionally rich, realistic bass and mid-bass reproduction. A heat-resistant, high-excursion kapton voice coil with center-pole vent minimizes distortion and improves power handling at high output levels and create low-end bass reproduction.

    Speaker system:

    Omni acoustic field is created by both tweeter wave guide made by solid aluminum and wooden wave guide formed on top of the wooden cabinet.

    Spec:Model 4401

    Type 3-way 4 speakers Omni-directional bass reflex type speaker system
    Speaker Unit Tweeter : 36mm PATR tweeter
    Midrange : 25mm compression driver
    Woofer : 200mm Traditional Membrane Woofer x 2pcs
    Max power 200W
    Frequency range 45Hz~ 50kHz
    Sensitivity 88dBW.m
    Crossover Frequency 800Hz/4kHz
    Size (W)240mm*(H)1030mm*(D)240mm
    Weight 25.8kg