25mm Poly Alloy dome tweeter
    Newly developed poly alloy dome diaphragm,
    which is superior to heat resistance and sound intensity is adopted and Voice coil use the bobbin materials which is superior to both light weight and heat resistance and sound intensity.


    165 mm Traditional Membrane Woofer
    Traditional membrance woofer provide exceptionally rich, realistic bass and mid-bass reproduction.
    A heat-resistant, high-excursion kapton voice coil with center-pole vent minimizes distortion and improves power handling at high output levels.

    Speaker system:

    2 way Bookshelf type speaker system
    High density MDF board is adopted to cabinet to keep cabinet strength and also 40mm thickness sub-baffle is adopted around the woofer in addition to original front board baffle thickness of 15mm and this makes it possible to suppress resonance and reproduce clear and pure sound.
    This system was designed by setting tweeter and woofer voice coil position on the same aspect against acoustic radiation axis in order to eliminate phase difference.
    It plays music sound all in one without each speaker unit interfering it individually.

    Spec:Model 4301

    Type 2 way 2 speaker system ( bass reflex type)
    Speaker Unit Tweeter: 25mm poly alloy dome tweeter
    Woofer: 165mm Traditional Membrane Woofer
    Max power 150W
    Frequency range 60Hz~ 50kHz
    Sensitivity 89dBW.m
    Crossover Frequency 2.6kHz
    Size (W)200mm*(H)345mm*(D)210mm(include grille & terminal)
    Weight 7.9kg